Guest Speaker / Seminars
Madeline DiMaggio
Good screenplays and teleplays have solid structure. But solid structure alone isn’t enough. Too often scripts with great turning points and sound ends miss the mark. Structure lays the foundation, but it is character, step by step, scene by scene that moves the action forward. If developed correctly your characters will tell you where to go. Character + Dramatic Need + Obstacles = Conflict. Conflict forces the character’s next move and creates all action in the script. Discussion will include examples from scripts and video clips.
Madeline DiMaggio, has been a guest speaker at conferences and schools throughout the country and abroad.  She has presented one and two-day seminars for beginning and advanced writers, including pros and television staffers.  Madeline can speak on a wide range of film making subjects including many specialized topics that may be of interest for your school, group or conference.  For more information you may contact her.  A sampling Madeline's favorite speaking topics include:
High concept, how important is it? How writing for a trend is writing behind the wave. What about you is unique and finding your voice as a writer.  In this discussion we will address the creative process of thinking out of the box. The power of taking risks, the point at which risks become dangerous, and how to be original and commercial at the same time.

Successful spec scripts in both TV and film rest on hooks. Once a writer knows these hooks they can develop better storylines, accomplish better rewrites, punch up existing spec scripts, and when it’s time to pitch know the points to hit for the sale. Using current clips and material from television and film, Madeline will point out the hooks in episodic TV, pilot scripts, Movies of the Week, cable and feature films to help you use them in your own material.
So It’s Written, What Do I Do Now?
The greatest marketing tool you will ever possess is your completed script. All the doors you will ever open lie within the quality of your own writing, but creativity does not stop with “FADE OUT, THE END.” Another task now begins,the writer as "salesperson".

This interactive workshop will cover all aspects of the pitch, finding the best logline, writing a synopsis that grabs the reader,  how and where to make contacts, finding an agent, conferences, the fellowships and the contests that matter, marketing on the Internet and other marketing strategies.