Madeline DiMaggio
Madeline DiMaggio has been contract screenwriter for Paramount Studios.  She has written over 45 hours of produced film in prime time sitcoms, one hour dramas, animation, TV pilots, cable, TV movies and feature films.  Her movie Profile for Murder is currently airing on Lifetime Movie Network Learn More
In 2003 Madeline co-founded Honest Engine Films and since then has produced six films.  They also distributed their most recent project, “Wild Target” starring Emily Blunt, Bill Nighy, and Rupert Grint.  Learn More
"This book is a FUN READ, informative, and insightful. It is used as a teaching text at USC..."
Her book "How to Write for Television" is considered "a must have reference" for novice and professional screenwriters alike.  Revised and updated with examples from today's best TV shows, "How to Write for Television" is now in its second edition.
As a professional writer with decades of experience Madeline can see inside the material and help you implement changes that make the script work.  As a producer, she knows how buyers think, what they are looking for, what is commercial, how to hone and amp your script to help your sale.  Learn More.
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     “She gets to the heart of a script and clearly points out the weaknesses—yet in an empowering way that makes you want to hit the keyboard.”
     "Madeline knows stories, she knows how to break them down, and she knows how to guide talented writers into scripting for the big leagues.”
“Since applying her invaluable methods, gleaned from years of hands-on Hollywood experience, I've successfully realized my creative visions in a way I never thought possible."
- Mark Melyan, Filmmaker, Philippines
     "She is genuine, inspired, open, practical, visionary and experienced enough to know the hoops you need to jump through and the order in which to do it."
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