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Madeline DiMaggio
Madeline DiMaggio worked under contract to Paramount studio and has written over 45 hours of film in prime time sitcoms, one hour dramas, TV pilots, cable, TV movies and feature films. 

She wrote the M.O.W "Alibi" for ABC and the feature "If the Shoe Fits," starring Rob Lowe and Jennifer Gray with co-writer Pamela Wallace ("Witness"). Their other collaborations include the screenplay "Catherine Called Birdy" which sold to Ben Myron Productions, and the screenplay "Murder with Privilege", a true crime for Showtime. In 2010 she wrote the M.O.W "Panic" for Incendo Television.

Madeline DiMaggio's "Profile for Murder," a thriller, co-scripted with writer Marla Young is currently airing on Lifetime Movie Network.