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                    Palo Alto Screenwriting Workshop
Madeline DiMaggio
San Jose / Palo Alto, California
This workshop has limited enrollment. For effectiveness I can take no more than 7 writers. Writers must submit a sample of their work first. 
We meet on Sundays once a month from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Writers come in with a screenplay/ teleplay they want to develop/ rewrite, or a script in progress. Each month they bring in 10 to 30 pages for analysis. Over the 6-month period I work with the writers helping them develop their material, write and/or rewrite it, and add the needed polish. At the end of the six months writers should have scripts that are ready for market. 
This workshop takes commitment and discipline and writers must be committed to attendance for themselves and the other members of the group. 
"I have been fortunate enough to attend two screenwriting courses taught by Madeline (I have done many of the other "famed" teacher's seminars also) and found her to be genuine, inspired, open, practical, visionary and experienced enough to know the hoops you need to jump through and the order in which to do it. Her classes we leagues above the others..."
Claude Katz
"Madeline knows stories, she knows how to break them down, and she knows how to guide talented writers into scripting for the big leagues.”
Jan Smith 
Optioned screenwriter
“She gets to the heart of a script and clearly points out the weaknesses—yet in an empowering way that makes you want to hit the keyboard.  She championed one of my screenplays, it’s now in pre-production with Ralph Macchio set to direct.”
Marla Young
2007 Fade-In Awards Finalist
2005 Nicholl's Fellowship Semi-Finalist
“Madeline knows how to stimulate and encourage writers to do their best work. I can't wait to leave her workshop so I can get back to my computer. One of my screenplays has just been optioned.”
Nicholas G. Souza
Former President of The Board of The Monterey County Film Commission

"Ten years ago I participated in one of Madeline's six-month writing seminars. Who knew it would turn into a new career? As a former teacher I can attest that one DiMaggio seminar equals 6 units of any college credit I ever earned!"
Joanne Storkan

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